It’s been overcast and rainy for the past few days, so it’s not suprising that my best photo of Zagreb is of a frog!

We blitzed through Zagreb (Croatia’s capital), spending a day to look around and to visit family friends. We managed to have nice weather in the morning so we started with a quick tour of Zagreb’s botanical gardens (where I got my frog shot), and then moved on to explore the Lower and Upper Town.

Zagreb is very different from the Dalmatian Coast. It’s located in the northwest part of the country, so it’s more hilly and forested. The buildings have a distinct Austro-Hungarian flare as opposed to the walled cities of the coast.

Nikola Tesla contemplates how many people stole his ideas

Nikola Tesla contemplates how many people stole his ideas

One of the most interesting people to come out of Zagreb (in my opinion anyway) is Nikola Tesla. This revolutionary inventor can take credit for much of our knowledge about electromagnetism and electricity.

But Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, you ask? Apparently not – he simply sold Tesla’s idea to the world without giving him credit or promised payment. Tesla invented alternating current on which our world runs today, as well as many other concepts related to radar, x-rays, radio and much more.

Tesla is finally getting recognition several decades after his death. The electric car company, Tesla Motors, not only bears his name but based its first car on Tesla’s designs.

As well, the Oatmeal is raising funds to purchase land for a Tesla museum.  If you want a good laugh, you can read why the Oatmeal considers Tesla “the ultimate geek.”

The view of Medvedgrad from the guard tower

The view of Medvedgrad from the guard tower

We also ventured just outside of Zagreb when friends suggested we see Medvedgrad, a medieval fortress from the 13th century that sits high above the city. It was built to keep out the Tatars who had been attacking from the north.

The view of Zagreb from the top is beautiful. The drive up was also scenic as the area is forested and covered with walking trails. If we had more time and better weather, we would have definitely liked to venture out on a few!

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  1. …as usual, fabulous historical content. BUT, what a great shot of the frog!


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