The Vietnamese Riviera at Hoi An

I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been a little remiss on the posts. It’s because we’re in Hoi An, a Vietnamese beach town. What do people do the world over in beach towns? Nothing!

So they don’t call it the Vietnamese Riviera. I just made that up. But I think that name is pretty reflective of Hoi An and the adjacent coastline.

The water is warm, the sand is beautiful, and they feed you at your beach lounger. And beer is about $1.20. Need I say more? If Vietnam was closer to Canada, everyone would be here in the winter.

I’ve been so taken with doing nothing, that the only thing I have to post are pictures.

A little of this…

Girls play in the waves on Cua Dai Beach

Girls play in the waves on Cua Dai Beach

A little of that…

Playing in the sand

Playing in the sand

And a little bit of just enjoying the sea!

Girls watching the breakers

Girls watching the breakers

Our peace of heaven for the moment!


8 Comments on “The Vietnamese Riviera at Hoi An

  1. Those beautiful granddaughters of mine make it very easy for me to be so proud of them.

  2. om my goodness! That looks so beautiful and fun tell Sophie I miss her soooooo much!??????xoxo

    • I miss you so much, too! It’s been amazing! Vietnam is awesome!

      – Sophie

  3. Oh, how fabulous! Looks like you have the whole gorgeous beach to yourselves. Heather, all great writers need time to reflect and digest before putting fingers to the keypad, so you just relax and enjoy your time on the Riviera.:-)Loving the hand-stands Sophie!

  4. Looks beautiful Heather. Enjoy yourselves. We send our love to the girls. Lachlan misses them . Triona xxxx

  5. Enjoy your time at the beach…Claire and Sophie certainly look like they are. : )

  6. It looks like you have the beach to yourselves. Sophie and Claire look like they’re having fun. And beer at that price obviously that will add to your fun!!!! Well , our turn next week at the all inclusive .

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