Upper Kananaskis Lake Trail

Twenty-one countries and that’s a wrap. Who knew that 12 months abroad could go by so quickly?

Pedestrian bridge in Fredericton

There’s nothing that makes you feel more Canadian than leaving the country. And when you come home, things we have in common coast to coast really stand out.

Claire looks out over the Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Mommy, how close will we be to the top of the world? That was Claire’s question when we were packing for Iceland.

Canon at Stirling Castle

In a country where rain is the norm, it’s not surprising that there’s a legend about shape-changing aquatic spirits. Known as Kelpies, these spirits have been immortalized through public art near Falkirk.

Shetland ponies

You know you are going somewhere remote when the ferry you are on has only two cars, and one of them is yours!

Southend Beach, Kintyre

You know you might be going a wee bit far from the city when directions to where you’re going tell you to continue to the point of when you feel quite lost, then proceed for another five minutes…


Yes, this is authentic England. Rainy, cold but sooooo very green!

Buckingham Palace Horse Guards

It’s been so weird arriving in England. For the first time in 10 months, everyone can communicate with anyone. Well, except for maybe those Glaswegians on the metro!

View from the casements in Luxembourg

Who knew there was a Gibraltar of the north? We didn’t until we visited Luxembourg!

Manneken Pis

My husband says we are leaving Brussels to sort things out in Britain. Wish it was that easy, but today is just a sad day for Europe.