Fishing with cormorants

Last night we had the opportunity to witness a dying tradition – fishing with cormorants. But that’s not the whole story. You want to know how we got to the fishing hole first!

Red panda climbs a tree

Last week we went to the Giant Panda research centre. There we saw many different types of animals: Giant Pandas, Red Pandas, peacocks, Koi fish, and black swans.

Liu Sanjie: Amazing outdoor theatre

What could be more exciting than a love story involving an evil warlord and friends coming to the rescue? How about seeing it all performed outdoors on water!

Boating on the Yulong

What better way to spend a rainy day in Yangshuo? Rafting down the Li River!

Cycling in Yangshuo

We all spend time dreaming of how blissful our next trip will be. Sometimes it’s not…

Crossing the street in China

If you’re from North America, you have a whole new set of rules to learn about crossing the street in China. When in Rome (or China), do as other pedestrians do!

Pandas play at breakfast time

What do you get when you mix the cutest animal on earth with a camera? 458 photos!

The Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Most people hate making funeral arrangments. Not Emperor Qin Shi Huang. He took everything but the kitchen sink to the afterlife!

Mona Lisa Buddha

Do you know who this lady is? She’s the Mona Lisa of Chinese Buddhas.

Kungfu show

Think people can’t fly? They do at the Songshan Shaolin Temple.  Just remember not to take pictures of the Buddha, or you will be schooled by the closest monk…