Phuket: Our vacation from travelling

I’m back! Don’t ever buy a Microsoft Surface for travel. The issues you’ll have with connecting to the Internet will drive you mad. But let me tell you about Phuket!

Ahhhhh Phuket. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m in Hawaii, Mexico or Las Vegas. I’m mostly certain that we’re not in Thailand!

We’ve been in Phuket for about 10 days now doing almost nothing but beach things. Our first week was spent at a resort on an island just off of Phuket. We could have been anywhere tropical. If it wasn’t for the Thai menu, it was hard to tell where in the world you were.

Snakes on a Slide, featuring Sophie Benvin

Snakes on a Slide, featuring Sophie Benvin

Nothing of note happened during the week except, that is, for the snake incident. For those of you not on our Facebook page, Sophie ended up completing the last 10 feet of a water slide with a tree snake coming along for the ride. I can see Samuel L. Jackson signing up for the script: Snakes on a Slide.

Sophie is on the verge of swearing when things like this happen. I give it another six months and she’ll reach that stage of development. I’ll have to give her a free pass the first time a torrent comes out of her mouth, because that’s what should have happened when she climbed out of the pool!

We’ve now moved to an apartment complex in between Surin and Bangtao beaches. Tourists here are overwhelmingly Russian, with a few Australians and Koreans thrown into the mix.

The area is pretty mellow with lots of families, but we made a trip to to Patong to see a doctor as Sophie has a roaring ear infection. Patong might as well be on a different planet from where our apartment is located.

This sign pretty much sums up Patong

This sign pretty much sums up Patong

Known as party central on the island, there were still a few people dragging themselves home from the night before as we arrived. The guidebook says Patong is famous for men’s howls at 3:00 a.m. who’ve suddenly realized their cute new Thai friend is not exactly of the sex they were hoping for.

We managed to find an international medical clinic and saw a doctor almost immediately. Sophie was given antibotics by injection, as well as some in pill form to take home. She was also given anti-inflammatories and painkillers.

My doctor would cry. He always reluctantly writes a script for ear infections and begs us not to fill it for a couple of days to see if the infection goes away on its own. Most infections are viral and antibiotics are useless. But when you’re in the middle of Thai Sin City, what can you do?

After the doctor’s visit and grabbing a bite to eat, we walked around yet another mall that could be anywhere looking for a network cable to solve my connectivity woes. Malls are truly the same in any country you visit. Everything is in English and the brands are all the same.

Our tuktuk ride home was perhaps the embodiment of Patong. When it pulled up it looked relatively normal until we hopped inside and realized this was the souped-up version. Speakers and subwoofers filled the interior, with colourful lights timed to blasting House music. I’m sure it would mix well with those pills stamped with Mickey Mouse.

As it was, our kids danced in their seats all the way home. The Thais who looked up as we passed had a good laugh watching us!


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  1. I think Bangkok will hopefully, (a lot can change in 45yrs!) give you a different view of the real Thailand. A trip on the river Klongs is really very interesting. That is if you have time.

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