Last week we went to the Giant Panda research centre. There we saw many different types of animals: Giant Pandas, Red Pandas, peacocks, Koi fish, and black swans.

The first panda that I saw was eating bamboo. The second panda that I saw was eating more bamboo. And the third enclosure looked like a panda bomb had struck and there were pandas eating bamboo everywhere!

Guess pandas like to eat bamboo!

At the Red Panda enclosure, there was a Red Panda in a tree. He looked at me straight in the eye, and he said, “I’m a teddy bear. Take me home!” That’s when I realized how much Red Pandas looked like teddy bears (and raccoons).

Baby pandas sleeping

Baby pandas sleeping

As we were walking to another panda enclosure, we came across a giant line of people. They were waiting to see the baby pandas. We got into line and shuffled past. They were sooooooo cute! They would lift up their heads and fall back down. They also made the cutest sound, like a puppy trying to bark.

I love pandas!!!

– Sophie


7 Comments on “Panderiffic!

  1. Sophie, I loved your blog post….great job you!:-) Those pandas sure are adorable! Not too sure what a “panda bomb” might look like but I bet it was quite the sight! That’s a fabulous photo of a red panda….he looks like he could get up to a lot of mischief;-) I can’t wait to read your next blog post, and hear about your latest adventure:-)

    • Thanks, Kim! I miss you a lot! There has been lots of exciting stuff in China! The pandas were really awesome, and the food is really interesting and different.


  2. It looks like you are enjoying your trip Sophie! Those pandas are very cute. I love reading all about your adventures. Tu nous manques ici à Valley Creek! 🙂

    • Toi et tout le monde me manques aussi! On est toujours en Chine. J’ai appris a faire des dumplings. Ils etaient delicieux! J’espere que ta nouvelle classe est amusante! – Sophie

    • Thanks, Maggie! I was pretty proud of this one, although I did have to take about 100 to get it! 🙂

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