On a slow boat in China

What better way to spend a rainy day in Yangshuo? Rafting down the Li River!

After our failed attempt at a bike ride during yesterday’s scorcher, our host told us he thought it would rain soon. He was right. In the middle of the night a massive thunderstorm hit and we soon found our kids in bed with us. By morning, a waterfall had appeared in the backyard (apparently that’s normal).

Claire on the Yulong

Claire took the front seat of our private boat

We decided over a breakfast of noodles that the best activity to do today was to take a slow boat down the Li River. The scenery is amazing, and the misty peaks were sure to make it all the more dramatic. Not to mention that the boat is covered!

Back in the day, people floated down the Li River on bamboo rafts. Today, tourists are ferried down the river on boats made of plastic pipes fashioned in the shape of bamboo. Police boats patrol the river, and everyone wears life jackets.

Cormorant fisherman are a dying breed

Cormorant fishermen are a dying breed

The forest and karst peaks were amazingly beautiful. We saw cormorant fishermen along the river banks (who essentially appeared for paying tourists to take pictures) and the rain had turned the water a muddy colour from the run-off.

Yangshuo is an incredibly beautiful area. With a regional population of just 300,000 I can understand why my host calls it a “village” in comparison to Chengdu’s 15 million or Bejing’s 22 million.

The rivers here are supposed to be China’s cleanest, so we’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with our feet dipped in water.

Puttering down the Li was just what we needed today, along with the thankful drop in temperature!

View of Yangshuo

View of Yangshuo

The girls dip their feet in the Li River

The girls dip their feet in the Li River



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  1. Wow, that looks like a really special place. Great photos! Love this blog, Heather.

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