Liu Sanjie: Outdoor theatre like you’ve never seen

What could be more exciting than a love story involving an evil warlord and friends coming to the rescue? How about seeing it all performed outdoors on water!

The world’s largest natural theatre exists in Yanghsuo, where Liu Sanjie has been performed since 2004. The play is set outdoors, with 12 mountain peaks as the backdrop and the Li River as the stage.

Liu Sanjie singers

Liu Sanjie singers

More than 600 performers sing folk songs and act out the story directed by Zhang Yimou who was responsible for the opening ceremony of the Beijng Olympics. Hundreds of bamboo rafts ferry the performers around the lagoon.

The music, lighting, and costumes were all stunning. Like the Sichuan opera, we didn’t care that the dialogue was all in Chinese. The performance was incredible without knowing all the details.

If you are ever in Yangshuo, don’t miss this! We broke our budget yesterday (as well as for the next few days…:) but it was totally worth it!

Liu Sanjie fishermen

Liu Sanjie fishermen


Liu Sanjie performance

Liu Sanjie captivated the audience with the tale of woman kidnapped by an evil warlord and her escape back to her true love


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