Kampot Market

Ever find Superstore a little insane, especially when they rearrange the aisles for fun? Enter the labrynth of the Kampot Market…

The Kampot Market is the first real local market we’ve been to that hasn’t been sanitized for tourists. In true SE Asian style, the market is a collection of stalls covered by sheets of corrogated iron.

Inside stalls are raised up on cement blocks that allow rain water (and other miscellaneous liquids) to flow through small troughs a couple of inches wide to the outside. This is important during thunderstorms and especially during the monsoon season.

The market takes up a few square blocks, and the first challenge is to find a tiny alleyway that leads inside. Once you’ve entered the labrynth, you are greeted by a maze of stalls that lead in several directions.

Fruit on sale in the Kampot Market

Fruit on sale in the Kampot Market

Goods are grouped together such as textiles. Rows of women hard at work sew outside their stalls that display bolts of fabric as well as clothes ready for sale.

Vegetables have their own section as do fish, hardware, bamboo poles, cell phone accessories, and any number of household items.

We were there approaching noon, which meant that some of the vendors were beginning their mid-day naps in hammocks. We’ve noticed throughout Asia that siestas are not just a Mexican thing!

As we walked through the market people shyly watched as we walked passed. As soon as I noticed someone secretly observing us, I gave them a big smile and said hello. People were excited and would grab their children to return a wave to us. Westerners are still pretty special in this part of the world!


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