Diocletian’s Palace

If you need suggestions on how to build the perfect retirement home, Diocletian has a few for you!

To be honest, I don’t have any good pictures of Split. The weather was less than optimal (it sucked). When the sun did come out, so did those annoying tourists.

We managed to take a tour of Diocletian’s Palace in between the showers, and learned a lot about one of the Roman empire’s most successful emperors, Diocletian.

Diocletian was a Roman Emperor who got things done. He was such an effective ruler that unlike many of his counterparts, he managed to avoid assassination and was able to plan his retirement. His chose Split, located in the region of his birth, to build his extensive palace.

The palace was built between the 3rd and 4th centuries, and many of the ruins have been well-preserved. The palace was actually a military fortress, imperial residence and fortified town all rolled into one. Diocletian saw fit to include three kitchens in his design so that he would never go hungry.

Entrance to Diocletian's living quarters

Entrance to Diocletian’s living quarters

The buildings were constructed from white stone that came from the nearby island of Brac, which is also the same quarry that supplied stone for the White House. Diocletian even imported columns and sphinxes from Egypt, in front of which the girls were happy to walk like an Egyptian.

(Ha ha – gave you an earworm!)

Honestly, there was no prompting to walk like an Egyptian!

Honestly, there was no prompting to walk like an Egyptian!

Today about 3,000 people live within the palace boundaries, which makes for some interesting driving when tourists using GPSs are led astray. Thankfully ours didn’t, but we saw one poor woman woefully looking in her rear-view mirror as she was about to reverse down a single-lane alley.

Despite the lackluster weather, we stayed in a nice apartment with good WiFi.  The girls were happy to take a break from sight seeing and have some downtime (aka play games). Travelling long-term means you need to take days where you don’t actually do anything, but just enjoy watching locals and being somewhere else.

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  1. Just great, Heather… Going to bed now walking like an Egyptian ?

    • Ha ha – knew I would get some people! 🙂

      – Heather

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