Cycling in Yangshuo

We all spend time dreaming of how blissful our next trip will be. Sometimes it’s not…


Back country Yangshuo

This is where we wanted to go

We wanted to spend our first full day in Yangshuo cycling the countryside through rice paddies and karst peaks. We had read about other families interacting with local farmers and having fun getting lost and found in the back country.

Our cycle trip was the opposite.

To get to the trails, we needed to follow a road with a lot of traffic, including the odd tour bus. Now Claire is only eight and still getting experience under her belt when it comes to bicycles, so I felt queasy every time a large bus came winding around the corner a little too close to my precious baby.

A few minutes later, I found out Al’s bike had minimal brakes. And helmets are non-existent in China, so the entire vision of happy-biking-family was starting to fade fast.

When I could take the stress no more, we veered off onto a gravel path that we thought might take us through farmers’ fields. But the sun was rising higher and the bush was starting to crowd in around us, and we all quickly became fatigued and grumpy. As we turned around to head back to the road, Claire started weeping from exhaustion and fear of bugs.

Sophie cycling in Yangshuo

This is how we ended up

Ah yes – only 60 minutes into our journey and we were back at the bed and breakfast. We went for some Western food and ice cream, and all was better after that. Maybe we’ll try again next time with a guide!


10 Comments on “Cycling in Yangshuo

  1. Sorry to hear about your cycling adventure. Brave Claire. Your second option sounded much better.

  2. At least you gave it a try. We are so used to our Canadian safety standards that biking without a helmet would feel very scary.

    • We’ve already been in a few situations where we just have to roll with it! Forget about seatbelts most of the time. Makes you realize we’re lucky to live in a country where someone actually cares about your safety! 🙂

  3. You’re right, Heather… Travelling is like that sometimes, things don’t play out as you envisioned. There’s no shame in doing something different to keep everyone safe and happy. And at least you’re all healthy. Some day you’ll look back and chuckle about it.

  4. Sorry to here this Heather. Funny how we can get a vision in our head, but reality can be so different. Maybe the next bike ride will work out to be more enjoyable.

  5. If it was all perfect we wouldn’t believe you…glad your gut reaction is your guide

  6. Glad you’re safe & sound. You are all intrepid explorers in my books! Such an inspiration!

    • Thanks, Kate! It was mostly just too hot to be out there at that time!


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