Crazy for dumplings

There’s one food in China that my girls never get sick of: dumplings. Today they learned how to make them!

Making dumplings

Our hosts teaching us how to fold dumplings

Ever noticed how many cultures have a version of a dumpling? Aside from the Chinese version, Ukrainians have perogies, Italians have gnocchi and ravioli, Indians have samosas and so-on. There’s something about stuffing dough with filling and cooking it that just tastes good.

We didn’t actually get to make the dough or the filling, but we learned how to form Chinese dumplings with both. There was a bitĀ of laughter on the part of our hosts so we evidently need to improve our technique, but no one could argue with the end result – yummy!


No translation needed -perfect dumpling!

No translation needed -perfect dumpling!


2 Comments on “Crazy for dumplings

  1. Yes, Heather, we love dumplings too! Gwen came back from China with a recipe for them–but they are awfully fiddily to make. You’ll have to get the recipe from either Gwen or myself when you return. You can buy “pot stickers” (Tibetan) or Chinese “jao-tse” in our local supermarkets, frozen. They make an excellent fast food, serving them with a sauce of 1/2 soya sauce & 1/2 water. Yum! Yum! Yum! Grandpa Bob & I are really enjoying your comments on your trip…We would love to hear from Sophie & Claire, too, about what they think about their travels. Love from us both.

  2. The girls look a bit warm, But very happy. Better get the recipe so they can make them here.

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