Sophie peers through a machine gun used during the war

You can’t come to Vietnam and not think about the war. You stumble upon it in many places from craters in the ground to shrines of those who died. I guess what I’ve been interested in most is how do the people here view Americans now?

Paradise Cave, Vietnam

If you ask me to visit another cave, I’m going to say no. Maybe I’ll pay the $3,000 to visit Song Doong next door, the world’s largest cave. I might possibly go to that other really big one in Kentucky. But our visit to Paradise Cave today was nothing short of breathtaking!

Ha Long Bay was coined the “rock wonder in the sky” 500 years ago by an important Confucian scholar.  The current name means “descending dragon.” Either name seems appropriate for the thousands of limestone karsts peaking out of the ocean that look like dragon backs or floating rocks!