Camping at Camusdarach

Who knew that the sun would come out and leave us with this beautiful sunset?

I have to admit, we had our doubts about camping in Scotland when our family grabbed midgee nets as an impulse buy at Decathlon. The nets are worn over the head to ward off tiny flies that leave nasty bites as they feed on people’s blood.

There was more than a wee bit of rain as we drove up to Camusdarach Campground one hour west of Fort William. The drive through Glencoe was fitting of the historic massacre that took place in 1692, as clouds and sheets of rain swept through the valley.

Luckily when we arrived at the campsite it had stopped raining, so we were able to set up the tents under dry skies. We went down to the beach and had a beautiful view of the Isle of Sky across the water.

Swimming in the North Atlantic

Claire swims with her cousin

The next day we woke up to blue skies (think that was a first for Scotland!) and the kids were excited to go for a swim in the North Atlantic. They started out in wetsuits, but by the afternoon they no longer bothered to put them on.

After a day of running down sand dunes and playing in the sea, the kids were happy to watch the sunset and roast marshmallows before going to bed.

The next day we woke up to rain, but like all good Scots, we failed to let the weather stop us from having fun. We drove to the Nevis range and hiked to Steall Falls. The clouds stopped us from seeing Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest mountain, but the walk along the gorge to the falls was stunning with all the water.

Hiking to Steall Falls

Hiking to Steall Falls

We laughed at the sign that warned of fatal accidents that occur by falling from the path, but then we scratched our heads as a couple of people walked past in Birkenstocks. There were definitely a few slippery spots that required caution and good shoes.

The next day was drier, but still not a beach day. We drove to Mallaig and had dinner in a pub, because you can always find one in Scotland.

I’m so glad that we have family that don’t give up when the weather looks grim. Camping in Scotland with a ton of cousins is definitely one of our highlights of the trip, and I dare say I might even try it again!

Thanks for some great memories, Ruth and Stephen!

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