You know you might be going a wee bit far from the city when directions to where you’re going tell you to continue to the point of when you feel quite lost, then proceed for another five minutes…

We took advantage of family living on the West Coast of Scotland to see a part of the country that many tourists might not have time to visit. Al’s cousin lives in a small village just past Cambeltown, which is known as the westernmost town of Great Britain.

Campbeltown and the village of Peninver are found at the end of a long peninsula called Kintyre. You’ve probably heard of the song Mull of Kintyre; now you know where it comes from.

The rather time-consuming car ride to get to this region of Scotland is more than made up for by its beautiful scenery. If you want to see the rolling hills of Scotland covered in sheep and perhaps the odd haggis, this is where to go.

(Everyone with Scottish heritage is nudging and winking right now, by the way!)

Sheep being herded for shearing

Sheep being herded for shearing

Al’s cousin lives on a sheep farm, so we woke up to the peaceful sounds of bleating sheep. The girls were more than happy to play with their little cousin, as well as the farm kittens and chicks.

If you’re searching for more adult past-times, Campbeltown is a whisky producing region that specializes in single malt whiskies. Today there are three active distilleries in the area, but during its heyday Campeltown had 34. The large number led to the town’s claim to fame as the “whisky capital of the world.”

Our visit was short and sweet, but we lucked out with some nice weather and had a great walk along the beach. The girls also got to drive an all-terrain vehicle for the first time and watched sheep being rounded up for shearing the next day.

Thanks for the quick visit, Helen and Davie. And Happy 3rd Birthday to Neil!

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  1. Absolutely fabulous …… Scotland for ever yaaaaaay!

  2. Dropped Fiona off this morning at the bus for camp. Miss you guys lots but am glad you are still having great adventures everywhere you go.

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