Charles Bridge, Prague

If you ever have a heated argument with a Czech, don’t stand near a window. They invented the term defenestration.

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Trekking with the Black Hmong in Sapa

We’ve spent the last few days hiking around Sapa, living in the pages of National Geographic surrounded by the Black Hmong.

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Red panda climbs a tree

Last week we went to the Giant Panda research centre. There we saw many different types of animals: Giant Pandas, Red Pandas, peacocks, Koi fish, and black swans.

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Liu Sanjie: Amazing outdoor theatre

What could be more exciting than a love story involving an evil warlord and friends coming to the rescue? How about seeing it all performed outdoors on water!

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Beijing Walmart

Have you have ever seen a city of 22 million people come to a complete standstill? Me neither, until today…

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Sophie & Claire

We are the “kids” part of Blue Yonder. We decided that Mom can’t do all the writing, so we’ll be posting here. Can’t wait to get started!