A toast to our first subscriber!

This post is dedicated to our first subscribers, Kate and Gracie Graver. Thanks for the ice cream, ladies!

Kate and Gracie gave us our first Chinese Yuan before we left Canada, and here’s a picture of the treat we bought with it in China!

I’m finding China really interesting and a beautiful country. I’ve also found some unique translations!

The other day we went to a local fast food restaurant in the basement of a mall. There were some interesting translations from Chinese to English for the various dishes. Here are a few:

  • Wood, should be meat meal
  • The palace explodes the diced meat meal
  • Fried enema

We also saw a few poetic translations:

  • No naked flames
  • Cherish your life. Don’t climb the wild mountains

– Sophie

One Comment on “A toast to our first subscriber!

  1. Hi Sophie and Claire:

    Sam missed you both so much. Daycare and school just aren’t the same without you. I’m going to show Sam your postings this weekend…been a busy week and just haven’t had a chance to sit down with her yet. Sam will have much to say and stories to tell. Hope you both are having the adventure of a lifetime. We all miss you at home. Talk very soon.

    Maggie (Sam’s Mom)

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